What is MicroVascular Therapy?

All about your nerve health and wellness

Over 347 million people around the world are diagnosed with diabetes. We are all aware about the various complications of this disease and one of those is peripheral neuropathy. Due to the high levels of glucose in the blood, this causes damage to the different internal organs of the body and eventually affects the nerves of the limbs. However, peripheral neuropathy does not only come from diabetes; other medical conditions can also cause this nerve damage. This can be attributed to dietary or vitamin deficiencies, infections, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Peripheral neuropathy targets the peripheral nerves in the body, which are located in your feet, legs, hands, and arms. You might feel a tingling sensation that can be painful because these nerves can no longer handle transmission of nerve signals. They are incapable of transmitting nerve signals because they are already damaged. When you experience neuropathy, you may also feel that you are out of balance or worse, your feet and hands may feel numb.

Behind the technology: know more about MicroVas

MicroVascular Therapy is the newest breakthrough in this field of medicine. It is said so because this therapy is equipped with high performance technology that allows faster recovery of the patient. There could be several medical approaches to relieve peripheral neuropathy but this MicroVas or MVT is what doctors recommend. It is a non-invasive therapy, which means that the patient will not experience introduction of medical instruments.

Peripheral neuropathy does not only target the nerves but it also affects your blood circulation. When blood flow is blocked due to the nerve damage, the tissues will eventually buildup its waste products and toxins. Because the blood flow is interrupted, these toxins will not be flushed out of the system thus, causing more damage to the affected area.

MicroVas Procedure

In an MVT procedure, electrode pads are strategically placed on affected areas. These electrode pads transmit electronic impulses that allow continuous contraction and relaxation of the muscular tissues. This muscle activity permits blood flow to circulate normally. With an increased blood flow, oxygen will eventually be transported to the affected areas. A normal oxygen level and continuous blood circulation will promote healing and repair of the damaged areas. The accumulated toxins will also be carried out of the system. The MVT treatment last for 45 minutes time and each therapy session should be undergone in 30-90 days. Studies show that most patients who went through MVT has successfully recovered from neuropathy while others reported that the pain was at least reduced.

Other medical applications of MicroVas

The MVT is not only for patients that have peripheral neuropathy. It is also recommended for people having trouble in their blood flow and recovery from wounds. Wound healing may take longer time for people who are deficient with the vitamin that permits blood clotting. However, this is resolved with the MicroVas. People with vascular problems and those who experience nerve degeneration can also try this treatment.

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