Stimulating Angiogenesis

Stimulating Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is a condition wherein our body buds new capillaries and generates thicker capillaries in the tissues. It serves as the groundwork for the growth of new tissues and repairs the old ones. This is what MicroVas electrical does. It stimulates angiogenesis and increases the metabolic rate in the cured tissues. It is also believed that it helps to metabolize the lining in the arteries, making it easier for the blood to flow. As a result, patients who have undergone this treatment have seen a drastic result to their unsalvageable part of their body.

MicroVas for Diabetic Patients

MicroVas treatment has been used for diabetic patients who have stark ischemic ulcers and for those who are destined to be amputated due to the wounds on their legs. Ischemic ulcer is commonly linked to underlying osteomyelitis. Patients who have this kind of condition have lost their hopes and are ready to face their new way of life. But with MicroVas treatment, it gives hope that they will not lose their limb or any part of their body. With the help of this nonsurgical therapy, antibiotics, which are injected into the blood stream, are being transferred to the affected area to improve one’s condition.

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