MicroVas for Wounds

MicroVas for Wounds

Ischemia and hypoxia are the biggest hindrance to heal a wound. Health professionals have tried numerous treatments like hyperbaric oxygen, vasodilators, infrared light, heating modalities, and growth factors but none of these medications heal the wounds completely. But there is one medication that is proven to be effective in healing wounds. This medication is called MicroVas.

What Is MicroVas?

MicroVas is the latest medication to heal wounds. It addresses the problem from its own perspective. It works mechanically and directly to hoist the flow of the blood. The said medication uses neuromuscular inducementof the venous pump.

How Does It Work?

MicroVas produces HVPC or high voltage pulsed current. The voltage of this equipment will be passed through the body by using carbon electrode pads. These pads are placed 180o from each other. The pads will be put in 8 pairs. Once the equipment is on, it will pass electrical pulses through the bodyorlimb, depending on where the pads are placed. The equipment will now start to heal the affected area by using neuromuscular stimulation and by regulating the metabolic procedure.

The Result of the Study

Every medical apparatus went through a test first before they recommend it to their patients. That also includes MicroVas. They invited 25 diabetics to try the apparatus. Each patient underwent a 45 minute treatment. The following details are the results of the study.

After the treatment had been done, there was a 157% increase of chances of healing the wounds. This means that the effect of this treatment is growing and long-lasting. They predicted that it was because of angiogenesis or because of the reversal of stenosis. They made this prediction because of the recurrent pulsations of increased hydrostatic pressures and blood flow.

As per limb salvage, there was one patient that gave a drastic result. During the first week, the patient had a very serious wound on his limb. That was before he underwent a therapy. After four weeks and eight after therapies, there was an improvement on his limb, but it was still unsalvageable.  But after eight weeks of treatment, his limb becomes salvageable.

What Happens Next?

Due to its successful study, it has become a popular way to treat wounds. Most diabetic patients who got wounded on their limbs and other parts of their body have undergone this nonsurgical procedure. It has greatly saved them from getting amputated due to their useless part of their body.

An example of this successful story is when an old woman underwent this treatment.This 53-year old woman slipped on some stair. She got terribly wounded because of her bad fall. And since she is diabetic, it would be hard to heal such wounds. She expected the worst thing that could happen to a diabetic patient. But this scenario went out to her mind. When she underwent a MicroVas treatment, all of her wounds gradually healed. It made her really happy since she doesn’t need to lose a part of her body. The doctor was really surprised when he saw that her wounds are healed completely.

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