How MicroVas Treatment Can Help Wounds

Infection Control

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Based on its weight and the surface area that it covers, it is very important because of the fact that it is the first layer of protection against the external factors. It has three major functions; regulation, sensing and protection; which can all be altered even by a very minute wounding. Wounds vary from shallow ones up to those that have greater depth which can be fatal for most people especially when it becomes septic and cannot be controlled. This is why physicians are very in demand and emergency clinics are always open. A simple cut can inevitably make a big difference in someone’s help if not treated properly and no one really knows his or her case of sensitivity with particulates and other matters unless they get tested.

How MicroVas Treatment Works

One of the many treatments that can be done depending on the severity and type of wound being acquired is MicroVas treatment. It is said to be very effective in promoting the process of wound healing with the use electrical currents that have been discovered to have a direct bactericidal effect in the wound base. It may be because of the effect of the electric current on the cell membranes of bacteria in forming ionized extracellular substances and disrupting the transmembrane transport of vital substances for the bacteria. Moreover, the cells of the body are prevented to be stressed or inhibited by the electric currents; instead, they appear to thrive in them accelerating their growth rate and activity.

The main target of the MicroVas treatment is the base of the wound. The skin cannot take form again if the granulating base is infected with bacteria that will be constantly making a culture deep down if not prevented or cured. The damages that these bacteria may inflict can be ranged from fine to necrotic which can be debilitating and is very prone to recurrence.


Nowadays, different types of infectious bacterial species and wound conditions have surfaced. To cure this kind of menace, most if not all physicians opt the use of antibiotic which can destroy bacterial envelope and eliminate them in a matter of days. However, the problem with this kind of treatment is the depth and range at which it can penetrate and actually cure and this is what MicroVas is targeting. By enforcing the processes into deeper sections of the body, it hastens the perfusion of blood which can clean the wounds and get a good start or blood circulation every single time.

The methods used in MicroVas are focused on the delivery of oxygen to the tissues so that they will be renewed and their metabolism will be well regulated. This kind of management prevents infection in certain wounds that can be considered as non-healing especially when there are underlying health conditions that may affect the overall reaction of the body mechanisms. The oxygenation also helps in the reduction of bacteria because there is a specific setting and factors that must be considered for them to actually spread throughout the whole wounding. Moreover, because MicroVas promotes angiogenesis, even the areas of the body which seem to be secluded will be reached and treated.

What to remember

To ensure that you are properly using the MicroVas treatment, you need to establish the exact area where the wounds are settling. You should not leave those corners untreated because bacteria can still inoculate in them given that they will be suitable for their dissemination. If you have a big part to patch up, you will need to get the biggest pad of MicroVas in order to make sure that you will be covering everything and not leaving a portion. Furthermore, you can use a gel pad instead of a wet pad.

Being able to recognize what you need to be aware about when applying this method will help you appreciate the nature of its efficacy. It is not only the area of the wound that must be taken into attention because the surrounding parts are also affected and stressed out due to the aching unpleasant feels in the nearby region. Be sure to get extra pads for parallel and adjacent parts of the body.

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