How Does MicroVas Therapy Help Patients?

The body often perceives pain in response of a much larger cause. A person undergoing severe pain and numbing sensation on their feet or extremities may actually be experiencing signs and symptoms of a much larger internal and hidden body complications. These symptoms might point to, but not all, on the following diseases:

  • Vascular problems – caused by vascular muscles hindered or constricted largely by clogged plasma and blood
  • Diabetes – this disease may introduce various complications and one of them is diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Hypertension – too much blood pressure on the nerves often cause trauma and pain and may cause vascular problems
  • Accumulation of liquid on the extremities – vascular problems often causes accumulation of liquid on the extremities
  • Neuropathy – complications caused by diabetes which makes the muscles stiff, numb and there is a loss in the sensation

Micro Vascular Therapy

One healing method to treat Neuropathy among most diabetic patients is MicroVas. It is a type of a relieving form of treatment where steady and soothing blasts of electric currents are gradually passed on to the person via strategically placed electrodes on both hands and feet. The stream of currents slowly contracts the muscles and heals the damaged nerves. It is known that decreased blood flow causes reduced tissue build up and may cause muscle injury. Toxins also accumulate as blood fails to deliver them out of the system.

MicroVas – started from humble beginnings

Many have become curious about the healing procedures of the treatment and asked “How does MicroVas Therapy help patients?”, but a quick glance in the years before can reveal its humble beginnings. In the past, this method is used mainly to treat U.S. military officers to treat hypothermia. Because hypothermia usually causes numbness on the nerve endings and a soothing stimulant such as the MicroVas is useful in keeping the nerve stimulated. As such, as the years go by, the treatment is now used among patients who have damaged nerve on their peripherals.

Treatment methods

The very first step in MicroVas is to evaluate a patient’s signs and symptoms for neuropathy. When further testing proves the existence of the condition, the patient is advised to lie on a comfortable place. This is to have emitter nodes and electrodes placed strategically on the legs and lower extremities. Electric impulses are then pumped through and this action circulates in the affected area stimulating the venous muscle pump and up-regulating the metabolism. It usually lasts around 45 minutes to one hour and is made biweekly for a maximum nerve regeneration.

What benefit does it have?

The most obvious effect of the treatment to the body is its soothing and calming effect on the person experiencing some unwanted sensation on their feet and extremities. As the treatment procedures go on, the person would experience a decrease in the numbness and tingling sensation on the affected area. Improved sensations are felt by a lot of patients and almost half of the patients undergoing the treatment get their full sensation back after several sessions.

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